GQ & Bombay's Most Imaginative Bartender #MIB2015

So it's official! Kevin Demers is officially representing Montreal for the GQ Bombay's Most imaginative Bartender. This is Kevin's year, with the Classic Gentleman and all of Montreal behind him. With a unique opportunity to be the first Bartender to represent Montreal & Canada to be on the cover of GQ. 

This is also the first time a bartender from Montreal has the opportunity to represent the city 2 consecutive times in a row. Good luck Kevin and don't forget "Long live the Classic Gentleman"! 

Who is Humphrey?

While in vegas for the Bombay GQ "most imaginative bartender" competition I meet a man named Humphrey, who ironically enough hailed from the same city as I. We got to talking about all sorts of things. But one thing that stood out is how society has lost the notion of the Classic Gentleman. Holding the door for a lady, dressing up to go for dinner etc...

Now when I arrived back home, I received a post card from Humphrey stating that using the internet I must help him and find away to bring back what once was a time of Class. He was basically asking me to combine old school and make it new school. With my knowledge and expertise, I did what i Could for my new partner. 

Here is his legacy...